I’ve always enjoyed travelling overseas to new destinations, to see other cultures, to enjoy different food and culinary experiences, and to see the unique lifestyles of how the locals live. I recently travelled to Perth, Australia, before Bali and then to Thailand. For me, one of the most important things to tick off the list before leaving, apart from having my passport handy of course, is to make sure I have some great quality luggagewear, so all my belongings can be kept as safe and as protected as possible; especially whilst in transit.

Apart from functionality, durability and security, I want my luggage to look good. I was kindly provided the perfect luggagewear from the wonderful team at Samsonite Australia. Samsonite are the makers of what is no doubt the finest quality luggage on the market, so I knew my belongings would be in the best hands.

I therefore had the pleasure of travelling with the new luxury version of Samsonite’s classic ‘Lite-Cube’, the ‘Lite-Cube Deluxe’. Retailing for $1,215, it is a high-end suitcase featuring sophisticated leather, paired with fine stitching and a cool colour palette: metallised aluminium Curv, with tan accents for a classic yet elegant look. This design definitely made a style statement during my travels; which is an element that will be appreciated by anyone who loves fashion and who likes to look presentable whilst on holidays. 

This fine piece of luggage would suit the corporate traveller just as much as it would suit the hipster, and it is a style that I would consider to be brilliantly unisex. It’s perfect for both overseas or interstate travel. 

In terms of size, I have the ‘extra large 82cm’, which is the largest suitcase I’ve ever owned, yet perfect for spaciously accommodating all of my clothing, such as formal jackets, shirt, shoes, swim shorts, a toiletry case, my laptop and of course the shopping and gifts I was bringing back home with me.  


As I touched on earlier, when I’m travelling, I always make sure that I keep with my personal style, and if I’m headed somewhere warm, then I’ll always bring a collection of bright, summer outfits. Due to being a Personal Stylist, I have a tendency to overpack, but it also means I’m never without anything, so having a very large suitcase means I’m not going to have to compromise on my travel wardrobe choices. It’s also worth mentioning that for an ‘extra large’ suitcase, it feels light and agile at only 3.6kgs, not bulky at all.

The TSA integrated lock system is a great reassurance, as is the in-built zipper protection. It also features multiple clever compartments, to house all of the little items such as belts, accessories and more.

I’m looking forward to adding to my Samsonite collection in the near future, and due to its high quality make and beautiful design aesthetic, I consider Samsonite’s luggagewear to genuinely be what we would call in fashion, ‘investment pieces’. 

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