Synonymous for performance and luxury, and recognised as one of the most prestigious automobile brands in the world, there’s no doubt that Porsche cars have a reputation for being built
exceptionally, with incredible attention to the finer details, and a focus on providing a luxury driving experience. 

I’ve always favourited Porsche as the brand I would have myself and my family drive, so I thoroughly enjoyed being able to experience one first hand, when I partnered with Porsche Australia recently. I was invited to take their elegant Porsche Macan model for a few days to test drive, whilst I travelled around Sydney’s eastern suburbs to dress a few of my clients. With a luggage compartment of 500-1500 litres (depending on if the rear seats are in cargo position), it was a breeze to fit all of the clothing and accessories I required for my styling jobs. There’s nothing more annoying than running out of car space when you need it for your job. On most occasions I have to carry around a dozen outfits and multiple loads of shopping bags, not to mention accessories and other clunky styling bits and pieces. It was a cinch for this model as there was an abundance of brilliantly planned storage space. 



The Porsche Macan is nothing short of luxury at its finest. An amazing car, exuding style and comfort, and featuring everything you could want and would expect in a high class vehicle. The model I drove was in the perfect shade of ‘Night Blue Metallic’, which actually looks like black in certain lighting. I love when things are unique, with a twist, and the shade of this car will make people question in awe whether it’s black or dark Navy; which I find clever. There are of course other colour options, so if this shade is not your vibe, then you can choose from many others. 

Some of the details that particularly stood out to me were the heated seats, the expert navigation system and the option of either a BOSE or Burmester surround sound system. A handful of the many other special features are, for example, the tinted thermal insulated glass, the pollen filter, and the elegant glass ceiling. 

The beauty of purchasing a vehicle from such a renowned and exceptional brand is the ability to customise. The options from what you can choose from is the adult-equivalent of being a kid in a candy store. Take some time to pop on to their website and have fun mixing and matching various design options. This car is for everyone, but specifically for those who hold an appreciation for high class design and attention to fine detail. 

Driving around in the Macan was beyond a pleasurable experience. It was smooth, sleek and would make anyone feel like a million dollars. There was not one inch of the interior or exterior that didn’t feel specially designed and carefully thought-out. 

If are looking at any other brand, don’t test drive this beauty, because it will knock out any competition and sell itself to you instantly. Peak hour traffic will feel like a leisurely experience, weekend trips will exude joyfulness and you’re guaranteed to be as passionately obsessed as I was to get in the car and go for a spin, for work or pleasure, each day. 

I’d like to thank the wonderful Porsche Australia team for the opportunity to drive this beautiful vehicle. A fantastic experience and I look forward to returning very soon to choose a Porsche model of my own to enjoy for the years to come. 

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