When I was asked to front ARIA Week as Mitsubishi Australia’s ambassador, I knew I had to put my best foot forward – that meant looking my best too.

“I had the pleasure of having Marvin Osifo style me for two Nova Red Room concerts in the lead up, as well as the ARIA Awards. He had a great understanding of my personal style and essence as an artist, that he was able to bring such strong choices to the table.

I’ve easily never looked better on a red carpet and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again”.

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Personal Fashion Stylist Marvin Osifo Gives Us His Tips For Men’s Styling

For the founder of Face Fashion, style has been an important part of Marvin’s life since his early childhood years in Nigeria. Now he’s made it his business.

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Marvin Osifo is a West African born, Sydney-based fashion entrepreneur, that founded Face Fashion, a platform for emerging Australian designers to get a foothold in the ever increasingly exclusive fashion market. 

Growing up in Nigeria and migrating to Australia with my family of fashion designers when I was eight years old, meant that culture, colour, patterns and style have always been a huge part of my life. Working in fashion retail for a number of years before I enrolled in TAFE to study business management, marketing and events management meant that my affinity for style just continued to grow.

Marvin Osifo is the founder of Face Fashion, which is an event created with the sole purpose of supporting emerging Australian fashion designers


“I’ve been to a number of events this year and most notable was the Moomba festival as monarch/king of Moomba 2019. I had the pleasure and privilege to be styled by Marvin whose enthusiasm and passion was so infectious that I have no hesitation in calling him up or recommending him to friends of mine. You’re an amazing person and thank you for making me feel incredible”.




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You can never take a wrong path by focusing your mind on things you love. A career you love, hobbies, passions, inspirations. They also say that you attract what you focus on most; so that’s even more reason choose the best for yourself. marvinosifo photo
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You have to realise first, that you truly deserve the best. You deserve for your dreams to come true, for inner peace and for love in your life. If you believe it, you’ll attract it.
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During my recent stay at @vibehotels, I had the pleasure of staying in their Deluxe Suite and provided with complimentary breakfast. The WiFi is fast, a necessity when traveling on business , and all of the little luxurious amenities needed were at my disposal. #VibeHotels marvinosifo photo
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After a fun and creative weekend, I’m going into a new week full of excitement. Lots of great things on the hop, working hard always and my mind is always buzzing with new ideas and initiatives I look forward to experimenting with. marvinosifo photo