If there is one daily ritual I’m religious with it would have to be taking care of my skin. Men growing up in western society we’re taught that using skincare is feminine, however if you have a tendency towards dry skin or problem skin, or unless you’re naturally blessed with skin worthy of a Calvin Klein model, you simply don’t have the luxury of forgetting to moisturize or scrub, for example, if you want to look presentable. 

I had so much fun growing up as a child in Africa, before moving to Sydney almost 25 years ago. It was carefree as I spent my days after school climbing trees and making a mess as all boys do; however I quickly realised that I should listen when my family tell me to use some Shea butter to avoid getting ‘ashy’.

In African culture, moisturising is not a choice, it’s a necessity for men and women. If I don’t lather myself in cream every morning, my skin will dry up like the Sahara Desert and literally turn an ashy colour. As I’m getting older, I’ve maintained a solid skincare regime and hence why I care about the products I’m using.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for guys to look after their skin. I style men who put so much thought into their aesthetic in terms of fashion and hair, but they neglect their body’s largest organ, their skin. Being healthy means looking after the inside and also the outside, so good skin starts from your diet. The rest is how well you take care of it. L’uomo Skincare, a luxury skincare range ‘’crafted for the modern man’’, and created in Eastern Australia, generously sent me their full facial tool kit to try out.

The kit included a face hydrator, post-shave soother, facial exfoliator and a foaming cleanser. With my busy workload which also includes the gym, all of these products come with me on-the-go. I must mention that I only recommend products that I personally really like, and which I feel have worked for me; and L’uomo is one of them. I especally love their face hydrator for everyday use. Key ingredients are natural vitamin E, avocado oil and organic rosehip oil. I noticed that it lasted a long time on my skin and didn’t make my face look oily which is a huge tick.

My advice for all the men out there who are looking to freshen up their appearance is to try L’uomo Skincare and to work on improving your skin from within and without. Great skin is even better than a fresh haircut, trust me on that.


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