An extensive and delicious food menu with very fresh produce and friendly faces to match.

I recently travelled to Brisbane for work, my first time in QLD in fact, and in between meetings I was able to enjoy some of the trending restaurants and cafes that I’ve been hearing great things about. I had the pleasure of experience Morning After in Brisbane’s West End, a beautiful collaboration between mother and son duo, Soula & Yianni Passaris. 



Located in Brizzy’s trendy West End, on the corner of Vulture & Cambridge streets.

They enlisted the help of interior design studio experts Derlot, to create neutral toned oasis, a vibe of calm and relaxation; featuring light wood decor paired with calming white and green accents. I felt immediately zen upon my arrival.

Their wonderfully friendly staff took great care of myself and also my team as they captured a bunch of lovely content. We didn’t feel a bother, we felt warmly welcomed which was much appreciated.

If only I could have tasted one of everything. Unlike some menus, there was a plethora of mouthwatering dishes to choose from which made my decision hard. Yet I knew I chose well as I went with three sumptuous dishes; the pad kra pao with wagyu mince and roti, the blue swimmer crab omelette and their modern take on carbonara pappadelle featuring a 63 degree egg, smoked pancetta and manchego. Next time I have lined up the West African chocolate waffle, the Peking duck tacos and the buttermilk fried chicken burger – yum!


A wonderfully chilled atmosphere to enjoy for locals and visitors alike, an extensive and delicious food menu with very fresh produce and friendly faces to match. I would highly recommend it as a spot to meet friends and family for breakfast or lunch. No doubt this will be my must-visit spot when I come down to Brisbane again soon.


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